Samsung microphone problem?

Homer_67234xlHello, hello… I can hardly hear you, could you speak up a bit?

Meanwhile I am talking really loud into my phone, and after several calls this way, it was Dr.Google to the rescue…

The issue:
My Samsung S5 mini works fine, but people on the other end of the call hear me as if I was talking 10 meters away from the phone.

The solution:

“Clean out the tiny microphone hole with a pin”

Really, that was it; just dirt and dust blocking my voice. Glad people can hear me again, without having to scream.

Error Creating Window Handle

Brain-BulbIt starts with “Can not create Window Handle”… and continuous random crashes. You find out your app reaches the max of 10000 user objects. (Just check the task manager, you’ll see I’m right.)

So, you’ve been using your own usercontrols on a flowlayoutpanel; you add, you remove, you clear… however the user objects count keeps growing and something is leaking somewhere…

You find that .controls.clear() does not work, you have to dispose() of all the objects first. Okay, do that, but it still doesn’t work.
So what’s the trick?
Simply remove first, before the dispose, and do this one at a time.

Just use the following routine:
instead of

Public Sub ClearFlowLayoutPanel(cFlowLayoutPanel As FlowLayoutPanel)
 Do While (cFlowLayoutPanel.Controls.Count > 0)
  Using controltoremove = cFlowLayoutPanel.Controls(0)
  End Using
End Sub

Good Luck! …or ask My Brain.

sources or more info:


Windows 7 SP1 Updates take forever after fresh install

W10disketteFor older computers, Windows 10 simply might not be an option for lack of drivers. (Thanks Intel GMA 500 !)
So back to installing Windows 7 with SP1 fresh, and the next step is to get all the updates…
However this seems to take forever nowadays, runs a high CPU, high memory usage, and doing nothing. After a day of letting the computer sit and run, it was time to find a faster solution. As expected, it is a known problem. The solution is to update the update itself first: See KB3102810.

Microsoft released a new WindowsUpdate Client Update to fix the slow Update searching/Installation. Installing and searching for updates is slow and high CPU usage occurs in Windows 7 –


After this you might also want to install this SUR:

For me just the KB3102810 update was sufficient and the computer is now trying to install 208 updates; Let’s see how long that takes 🙂

Mailserver Settings NL

A listing of the mail server settings of most Dutch internet providers
To the readers of this page:
Would you like to add something, are you happy with this listing or if you noticed a mistake, please tell us! You can leave a message at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

The IMAP mail protocol is preferred over POP mail nowadays. IMAP is a more recent protocol. When using IMAP, the contents or your email boxes will be synchronized and are therefore the same on all your devices and on your provider’s mail server. So if you delete a message, it is really gone everywhere.
Help me! I can’t send emails anymore! Tip for the outgoing mail server settings on mobile devices. Continue reading Mailserver Settings NL

Display all PHP Errors and Warnings

ctrl-ZVXWhen debugging PHP I find myself searching again and again for this little piece of code to display the PHP errors. So here it is for future reference…
If you wish to see all the PHP errors and warnings in your script, simply include the following bit of code:

ini_set(‘display_errors’, ‘1’);

Now, continue to beat your head against the keyboard while you hunt down that missing semicolon or closing parenthesis. Need help, contact My Brain.