QR-Code Anyone?

icons.mybrain.nl-qrcodeQR-Codes are all around… and My Brain finally compiled a separate script to generate these neat little two-dimensional barcodes.


Enter the URL, selected the level of error-correction and the single-block-pixel-size. Just try it and enjoy!

If you like this functionality, also check out the implementation on ETEN en ETEN for promotion of the Apps; It generates QR-Codes, to visit the app-download page for a restaurant, but when you do so with a phone or tablet, you will be redirected to the correct App Store.
Want something like this for yourself? Just contact My Brain.

Websites and Fonts

Domainname –  check
Logo – check
Colorscheme – check
Fonts – check
Businesscards – check
Letterhead – check
Website – ehm? …working on it… just can’t get the correct font to work on the website…

One option is to hire My Brain, another is to keep trying yourself. Colors and style may be easy, but to get the correct font on your website is another story. For this you may want to try:


Good luck!

Mobile Apps? Endless resizing of icons, splashscreens and screenshots!

As you may know, I develop Apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone using Phonegap. One of the most awful tasks is creating all the images needed for the icons, splashscreens and screenshots to create the App and get it listed on the Apple iTunes, Google Play and Windows Phone App-stores. Nothing bad about it, but creating the same image, resizing, scaling and stretching, 118 different times in various resolutions is simply a pain.

So I searched for, and found, a script to create these variations of the same image with a push of a button. My Brain did what it does best and adapted the script for my own needs, so all I have to do now is the following steps: Continue reading Mobile Apps? Endless resizing of icons, splashscreens and screenshots!